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Born 1995, Cannes, FR

Lives and works in Chicago, IL.


Nour Malas is a Syrian artist currently based in Chicago. She completed an MFA in sculpture at SAIC, Chicago and received her BFA at Goldsmiths University, London. Malas approaches painting in a way to help make better sense of the complicated confrontations of placeless-ness, loss and instability. She conveys ideas of what it’s like to be in a body and within a space, by making work that quite literally relates to her own body; its gestures, its scale, and its preconscious memories. Movement is muse as Malas follows lines and forms—figures, animals, an occasional vehicle- along the surface. Drawing on the pictorial strategies of artists ranging from Edvard Munch to Mark Rothko, Malas’ paintings become legible as internal landscapes, representations of experience that blur reality, dream, and memory, proposing an alternate space for perception. The artist has exhibited globally with Carbon 12 Gallery and will present her debut solo exhibition, 'Running', in November 2023 at Diana Gallery in New York.

Dry Vermouth, 2023

Oil and pastel on linen

76 x 92 cm

Nour Malas
Nour Malas

Grinch, 2023

Oil on polyester

114 x 122 cm

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