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Tianyue Zhong

Born 1944, Chengdu, China

Lives and works in Los Angeles, California

Tianyue Zhong was born in Chengdu, China, and lives and works between China and the US. She creates paintings and drawings that illustrate the uncontrollable nature of life. By using historical photographs she finds in research and shooting her own imagery, Zhong aims to capture a transformation between waiting and losing, engaged with the exuberant handling of line and paint. Fear, with its meaning in her life and her painting process, is the powerhouse for Zhong to repeatedly paint the same subject matter over time, whereas the body and shapes are incomplete and seem strangled. Zhong received an MA in painting from Royal College of Art in 2020 and a BA in Fine Art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2018. Highlights of recent solo exhibitions include “Pause, Arise” at Mou Projects, Hong Kong (2023); “To Cut a Thread” at Long Story Short, New York (2023). Highlights of recent group  exhibitions include “Loyal @El Royale” presented by 


Fuel, 2024, Oil acrylic on canvas, 152.5 x 172 cm 

Loyal Gallery, Los Angeles (2024); “Metamorfosi” at F2T Gallery, Milan (2024); “Nouvelle Vague” at LBF Contemporary, London (2023); “The Consolation of Clinamen” at Tabula Rasa, Beijing (2023); “Sprout” at Stems Gallery, Brussels (2023). 


2020 MA Painting, Royal College of Art, London, UK

2018 BA Fine Art, School of Art Institute of Chicago, USA



2024 Melting Mute, Loyal Gallery, Stockholm (Solo)

2024 Phantasmagoria, LBF Contemporary, London (Group)

2024 Loyal @ El Royale, Loyal Gallery, Los Angeles (Group)

2024 Metamorfosi, F2T Gallery, Milan (Group)

2023 Nouvelle Vague, LBF Contemporary, London (Group)

2023  Pause, Arise, Mou Projects, Hong Kong (Solo)

2023 The Consolation of Clinamen, Tabula Rasa, Beijing (Group)

2023 West Bund Art & Design presented by Mou Projects, Shanghai (Group)

2023 To Cut A Thread, Long Story Short, New York (Duo)

2022 A Momentary Playground, Long Story Short, Los Angeles (Duo)

The Consolation of Clinamen, Tabula Rasa, Beijing (Group)

2023 Pressing the ear against the ground I could hear the far galloping coming near, curated by Samuele Visentin, London (Group)

2023 Sprout, Stems Gallery, Brussels (Group)

2022 Breaking News, Long Story Short, Paris (Group)

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