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Born 1991, Edinburgh

Lives and works in London, UK



Max Boyla is a Scottish artist based in London who recently graduated from the Royal Academy Schools. Holding to a tradition that sees painting as an illusion, Boyla’s work can exist in a perpetual limbo: a place where the limited and real-world mingles with the eternal and fictional. His satin surfaces, a synthetic material derived as a petroleum by-product, create tension, offering a lustre towards abstract cosmologies. Shorn of all sense of time and place, fantasies of the infinite collide with a questioning of a contemporary state of disillusionment. Highlights of recent exhibitions include ‘Slow Motion’, Des Bains, London (2023, duo); ‘Slivers in the Void’, Mamoth, London (2023, group); ‘Add More Fuel To Your Life’, Sim Smith, London (2023, solo); ‘Inside Out’, The Artist Room, London (2022, group).

Max Boyla

Elixir, 2023

Dye and bleach on satin

140 x 200 cm

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